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Need a Professional armadillo trapper for armadillo removal from your yard or flowerbed in Shreveport or Bossier City? You need to call a Armadillo Trapper to solve your problem!  We can safely and humanely trap armadillo from your Louisiana or East Texas property and relocate them far from your yard. No matter what you call it, it is one heck of a landscape destroyer and you need an Armadillo Trapper FAST!

Humane Armadillo Removal

Call us now at (318)553-3006 and you  will quickly gain the confidence of our expertise and learn why many people call us the Armadillo Trappers & Armadillo Removal Experts near Shreveport and Bossier City, and all of Louisiana for that matter!!

Have you ever walked out your front door in the morning to get the newspaper and seen a dozen holes in your yard? You most likely have anArmadillo Removal armadillo problem. Armadillos use their sharp claws to dig for food and and shelter. Unfortunately, their shelter consists of those deep holes dug around and under your home and other areas on your land. Those holes are hazardous to the integrity of your property and can cause your structure to sink and crack.

Various diseases are associated with armadillos. The bacterium leprae can infect the animal, this is the bacteria which causes leprosy. Armadillos can carry rabies. But since rabies is contacted by humans through the bite of an animal, rabies is a low risk to humans because armadillos rarely bite.

If you are experiencing an armadillo infestation, you can count on us to resolve the problem for you. Wildlife Abatement will safely capture and remove an armadillo who has burrowed under the foundation of your home.

Who can trap an armadillo that is coming in my yard at night?  We are the company to call when you need an armadillo trapper in Shreveport & Bossier City!  Our methods get rid of the problem critter FAST – No more holes in yards and flowerbeds in areas such as Haughton, Benton and Keithville.

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