Armadillo Prevention Using Digging Barrier

Armadillo Prevention is made easier by the fact that Armadillos do not climb so they can easily be eradicated from a Shreveport Bossier City yard which is fenced in by installing a digging barrier called Dig DeFence Animal Control Commercial Grade under the existing fence.  This is a permanent solution which will provide armadillo prevention or any other digging animal from digging under your Minden or Benton Louisiana fence and will keep it out of your yard (or in the case of the family dog, we can keep it in the fenced in yard).

Armadillo PreventionIn that case we will refer to it as a dog digging barrier or anti digging barrier.  DDAC is constructed of 4 gauge galvanized US steel and made right here in the USA.  A panel of it is 4′ wide, 15″ tall with tines spaced at 1.25″.  The tines are driven into the ground and literally extend your fence’s protection below the ground.

No more armadillo control, armadillo removal, armadillo relocation or armadillos digging in your flowerbeds!  The solution puts an end to your problems!  Did I mention it looks great too?

Dig DeFence Armadillo Prevention

Dig DeFence Animal Control is a product made with galvanized US steel used to prevent animals from digging under a fence, structure, building skirt, roadway or runway. It is designed strong and will last a long, long time.

This is a product that sells itself! Unless you enjoy paying for frequent animal removal or wildlife control services or really love hunting down your dog that continually digs out from under the fence, this product is for you assuming your yard is fenced-in! This is the “missing link” which extends your fence’s protection under the ground without digging trenches, pouring cement and burying wire.

Call us for a demonstration of its Armadillo Prevention potential on your Louisiana or East Texas property! 318-553-3006